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Multi-day event
9:30 am
6:30 pm
Unity Place — Milton Keynes

AI for All

Meaningful discussions, around AI safety, standards, and regulatory services, to deepen collective understanding of what the future looks like for this transformative technology.
Hosted by:
The AI Fringe


In partnership with the UK Government and AI Fringe, this event serves as a platform for meaningful discussion around how society builds trust in order to shape AI as a force for good. 

This event is a collaborative effort to explore the pressing issues in the AI landscape and the opportunities we have to partner on accelerating trust in AI to help build a better future and more sustainable world. 

We are committed to fostering an inclusive dialogue that involves voices from SMEs, civil society, and standards development organizations (SDOs) to help shape the future of AI.


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Sue Daley
Director, Technology and Innovation, TechUK
Milan Patel
National Standards Officer, Microsoft
Simon Reeve
Director of Innovation, Alan Turing Institute
Paul Scully
Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy

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