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Multi-day event
6:30 pm
Science Gallery London

Ethics in the Machine: AI & Governance

Join us for an urgent discussion on fairness and transparency, and personal and data privacy, as AI comes to occupy almost every aspect of our lives.
Hosted by:
The AI Fringe
Science Gallery London


As AI comes to occupy almost every aspect of our lives, there is a clear need to address questions around fairness and transparency, and to ensure personal and data privacy. But while conversations surrounding AI governance and ethics become increasingly frequent, how do we put responsible, transparent and inclusive AI into practice?

If there is an urgent need to develop ethical frameworks and principles in the design of AI systems so they are of benefit to all, who should be involved in regulation, governance and accountability? 

Speakers include:

  • Rachel Coldicutt, technology strategist and founder of independent research studio and social enterprise Careful Trouble
  • Urvashi Aneja, founding director of Digital Futures Lab that examines technology and society in the global south 
  • Sasha Brown from the Ethics and Society team at Google’s AI research lab DeepMind

This live streamed event is part of Science Gallery London's current season AI: Who’s Looking After Me? in collaboration with FutureEverything.


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Urvashi Aneja
Founding Director, Digital Futures Lab
Sasha Brown
Ethics and Society, DeepMind
Rachel Coldicutt
Founder and Executive Director, Careful Trouble

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