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Multi-day event
4:00 pm
6:00 pm
The Royal Statistical Society — London

Evaluating artificial intelligence: How data science and statistics can make sense of AI models

Join data scientists and statisticians from across industry and academia to debate ideas and strategies for evaluating AI.
Hosted by:
The AI Fringe
The Royal Statistical Society


The Royal Statistical Society is calling for a centre for AI evaluation methodology, arguing that we should be able to judge the trustworthiness of claims made by AI companies as well as the outputs of their systems.

So, what should AI evaluation look like? How will it work in practice? What metrics are most important, and – crucially – who gets to decide this? Join us to debate these and other vital issues.


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Dr Andrew Garrett
President, Royal Statistical Society
Martin Goodson
Chief Executive, Evolution AI
Stephanie Hare
Researcher, broadcaster, and author of Technology is Not Neutral
Mark Levene
Principal Scientist, Department of Data Science, National Physical Laboratory
Detlef Nauck
Head of AI and Data Science Research, BT
Mihaela van der Schaar
John Humphrey Plummer Professor of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Medicine, University of Cambridge

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