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Multi-day event
6:15 pm
7:15 pm
Weston Library — Oxford

Peace with technology

Oxford's Hertford College hosts a discussion about the challenges and opportunities presented by AI and society’s need for finding a balance between security and liberty.
Hosted by:
The AI Fringe
University of Oxford


Artificial intelligence is changing the way we live, work and coexist. Our decisions are increasingly informed by the data  acquired by tech companies. How do we as individuals navigate the challenges and opportunities of this new reality, and how can society find the right balance between security and liberty? 

Join Professor Carissa Véliz, an expert in the ethics of privacy and AI, and Hertford’s Principal Tom Fletcher, as they discuss these issues as part of Hertford’s Peace Processes of the Future series.


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Tom Fletcher
Principal, Hertford College
Professor Carissa Véliz
Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy, Hertford College

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