Headshot of Ashleigh Ainsley
Ashleigh Ainsley
Co-Founder, Colorintech
Seyi Akiwowo
Founder, CEO, Author and Speaker, Glitch
Headshot of Jatin Aythora
Jatin Aythora
Director, Research & Development, BBC
Headshot of Azeem Azhar
Azeem Azhar
Founder, Exponential View
Headshot of Yoshua Bengio
Professor Yoshua Bengio
Professor, Department of Computer Science and Operations Research, Université de Montréal
Headshot of Francine Bennett
Francine Bennett
Interim Director, Ada Lovelace Institute
Headshot of Andrea Berlin
Andrea Berlin
Consultant, Egon Zehnder
Headshot of Matthew Blakemore
Matthew Blakemore
Chief AI Strategist at AI Caramba
Headshot of Marcus Bokkerink
Marcus Bokkerink
Chair, Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)
Headshot of Linda Bonyo
Linda Bonyo
Founder, Lawyers Hub
Amanda Brock
Headshot of Liam Budd
Liam Budd
Industrial Official - Audio and New Media, Equity UK
Headshot of Florence Chalker
Florence Chalker
Senior Associate, Health and Life Sciences, Global Counsel
Headshot of Dorothy Chou
Dorothy Chou
Head of Policy & Public Engagement, Google DeepMind
Rumman Chowdhury
Rumman Chowdhury
CEO and Co-Founder, Humane Intelligence
Headshot of Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg
President, Global Affairs, Meta
Headshot of Lord Tim Clement-Jones
Lord Tim Clement-Jones
Liberal Democrat House of Lords Science, Innovation and Technology spokesperson; Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI
Headshot of Dr Anna Colom
Dr Anna Colom
Public Participation and Research Lead, Ada Lovelace Institute
Headshot of Melanie Dawes
Melanie Dawes
Chief Executive, Ofcom
Headshot of Richard Doherty
Richard Doherty
HCM Solutions Director, EMEA, Workday
Headshot of Michelle Donelan
Michelle Donelan
Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology
Headshot of Dr Paul Dongha PhD
Dr Paul Dongha
Group Head of Data & AI Ethics, Lloyds Banking Group
Headshot of Isabelle Doran
Isabelle Doran
CEO, Association of Photographers
Headshot of Tania Duarte
Tania Duarte
Co-Founder and CEO, We and AI
Headshot of Conan D’Arcy
Conan D’Arcy
Senior Practice Director, TMT, Global Counsel
Headshot of Rebecca Fitchett
Rebecca Fitchett
Partner, Milltown Partners
Headshot of George Freeman
George Freeman
MP for Mid Norfolk, Minister of State for Science, Research and Innovation at the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology
Clive Gilbert
Senior Policy and Research Manager
Headshot of Dr Abigail Gilbert
Dr Abigail Gilbert
Director of Praxis, IFOW
Headshot of Seraphina Goldfarb-Tarrant
Seraphina Goldfarb-Tarrant
Head of Safety, Cohere
Headshot of Harriet Harmon
Harriet Harman
MP for Camberwell and Peckham
Headshot of Brian Hills
Brian Hills
CEO, The Data Lab
Headshot of Sara Hooker
Sara Hooker
Head of Cohere for AI
Headshot of Lila Ibrahim
Lila Ibrahim
Chief Operating Officer, Google DeepMind
Headshot of Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE
Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE
Founder and CEO, Stemettes
Headshot of Kate Jones
Kate Jones
Chief Executive Officer, Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum
Headshot of Adrian Joseph
Adrian Joseph OBE
Board Member, Direct Line Group & Advisor, BITC
Headshot of Arnav Joshi
Arnav Joshi
Senior Associate, Clifford Chance
Headshot of Jonathan Kewley
Jonathan Kewley
Partner, Co-head, Global Tech Group, Clifford Chance
Headshot of Sana Khareghani
Professor Sana Khareghani
Policy Lead, Responsible AI UK
Headshot of Justin King
Justin King
Director, Milltown Partners
Headshot of Resham Kotecha
Resham Kotecha
Global Head of Policy, The Open Data Institute
Headshot of Jonathan Lenson
Jonathan Lenson
CEO, Milltown Partners
Headshot of Anthony Lui
Anthony Lui
AI Value Engineer, Cognizant
Headshot of Nicklas Lundblad
Nicklas Lundblad
Director of Public Policy, Google DeepMind
Raph Malek
Head of Research and Insight, Global Counsel
Headshot of Vincent Manancourt
Vincent Manancourt
Senior Technology Reporter, Politico
Headshot of Prof John McDermid
Prof John A McDermid OBE FREng
Programme Director, Assuring Autonomy International Programme, and Professor of Software Engineering, University of York
Headshot of Matt McKnight
Matthew McKnight
General Manager, Biosecurity, Ginkgo Bioworks
Headshot of Moiya McTier
Dr. Moiya McTier
Author and Advisor, Human Artistry Campaign
Headshot of Claire Melamed
Claire Melamed
CEO, Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data
Headshot of Emran Mian
Emran Mian
Director General for Digital Technologies and Telecoms, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology
Headshot of Helen Milner OBE
Helen Milner OBE
Group Chief Executive, Good Things Foundation
Headshot of Professor Bhramar Mukherjee
Professor Bhramar Mukherjee
John D. Kalbfleisch Distinguished University Professor, University of Michigan
Madhumita Murgia
AI Editor, Financial Times
Headshot of Dr Michal Nachmany
Dr Michal Nachmany
Founder and CEO, Climate Policy Radar
Headshot of Gina Neff
Professor Gina Neff
Executive Director of the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy, University of Cambridge
Headshot of Cassidy Nelson
Dr Cassidy Nelson
Head of Biosecurity Policy, Centre for Long-Term Resilience
Headshot of Dr Brenda Ogembo
Dr Brenda Ogembo
Board Member, DemocracyNext
Headshot of Francesca Panetta
Francesca Panetta
Director, AKO Storytelling Institute, University of the Arts London
Headshot of Andy Parsons
Andy Parsons
Senior Director, Content Authenticity Initiative, Adobe
Headshot of Aidan Peppin
Aidan Peppin
Senior Consultant, Milltown Partners
Headshot of Charlotte Pickles
Charlotte Pickles
Director, Reform
Headshot of Deborah Raji
Deborah Raji
Fellow, Mozilla
Gabriela Ramos
Assistant Director-General for the Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO
Headshot of Matilda Rhode
Matilda Rhode
Sector Lead AI and Cyber Security, British Standards Institute
Headshot of James Robertson
James Robertson
Director, Sortition Foundation
Headshot of Aaron Rosenburg
Aaron Rosenberg
Partner, Radical Ventures
Headshot of Jessica Rusu
Jessica Rusu
Chief Data, Information and Intelligence Officer, FCA
Headshot of Shaheen Sayed
Shaheen Sayed
CEO UK, Ireland, and Africa, Accenture
Headshot of Marietje Schaake
Marietje Schaake
International Policy Director, Stanford University Cyber Policy Center
Headshot of Meera Selva
Meera Selva
CEO, Internews Europe
Headshot of Gianluca Sergi
Gianluca Sergi
Professor of Film Industries, University of Nottingham
Headshot of Sir Nigel Shadbolt
Sir Nigel Shadbolt
Principal of Jesus College, Oxford; Professorial Research Fellow in the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford; Chairman of the Open Data Institute
Headshot of Imran Shafi OBE
Imran Shafi OBE
Director for AI Policy, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology
Headshot of Toby Shevlane
Toby Shevlane
Research Scientist, Google DeepMind
Headshot of Dr Hayaatun Sillem CBE
Dr Hayaatun Sillem CBE
CEO, Royal Academy of Engineering
Headshot of Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith
MP for Norwich North
Headshot of Irene Solaiman
Irene Solaiman
Head of Global Policy at Hugging Face
Headshot of Nicola Soloman
Nicola Solomon
Chair, Creators’ Rights Alliance
Headshot of David Song
David Song
Associate Director, Financial Services, Global Counsel
headshot of Megan Stagman
Megan Stagman
Director, TMT UK, Global Counsel
headshot of Professor Jack Stilgoe
Professor Jack Stilgoe
Professor of Science and Technology Policy, UCL
Headshot of Herbert Swaniker
Herbert Swaniker
Senior Associate, Clifford Chance
Headshot of Anna Thomas
Anna Thomas
Co-Founder and Director, Institute for the Future of Work
Headshot of Anna Marie Wagner
Anna Marie Wagner
Head of AI and SVP Corporate Development, Ginkgo Bioworks
Headshot of Marc Warner
Marc Warner
CEO, Faculty
Headshot of Eleanor Warnock
Eleanor Warnock
Deputy Editor, Sifted
Headshot of Laura Weidinger
Laura Weidinger
Senior Research Scientist, Google DeepMind
Headshot of Monica Westin
Monica Westin
Senior Product Manager, Internet Archive
Headshot of Gill Whitehead
Gill Whitehead
Group Director, Online Safety, Ofcom
Headshot of Rich Wilson
Rich Wilson
Co-Founder, Iswe Foundation and The Global Assembly
Headshot of Wilson Wong
Wilson Wong
Head of Insight and Futures, CIPD
Headshot of Professor Michael Wooldridge
Professor Michael Wooldridge
Professor of Computer Science, University of Oxford
Robert McLaren
Director of Policy, Policy Connect
Valeria Adani
Partner, Projects by IF
Neha Adapala
Year 12 Student, Non-Trivial Fellow
Bola Adesina
Future of Work, Programme Manager + DEI Advisor, Legal and General
Dr Birgitte Aga
Founder, Women Reclaiming AI
Cristina Carmona Aliaga
Senior Inward Investment Manager - Creative Industries and Innovation, London & Partners
Kevin Allison
President and Head of Research, Minerva Technology Policy Advisors
Stephen Almond
Executive Director for Regulatory Risk, ICO
Zoe Amar
Director, Zoe Amar Digital
Katie Amison
Data Analytics Apprentice, Fujitsu
Urvashi Aneja
Founding Director, Digital Futures Lab
Dr Rosella Arcucci
Senior Lecturer in Data Science and Machine Learning, Imperial College London
Claire Armitstead
Associate Editor, Culture, The Guardian
Dr Jo Bates
Senior Lecturer in Information Politics and Policy, School of Information, University of Sheffield
Bojana Bellamy
President, CIPL
Paolo Benanti
Theologian, AI advisor to Pope Francis
Jennifer Beroshi
Head of Policy Strategy and Development
Sophia Adams Bhatti
Sophia Adams Bhatti, Head of Purpose and Impact, Simmons & Simmons LLP
Michael Birtwistle
Associate Director, Ada Lovelace Institute
Ghislaine Boddington
Creative Director, body>data>space, Reader in Digital Immersion, University of Greenwich
Yasmine Boudiaf
Creative technologist and researcher
June Brawner
Senior Policy Adviser, The Royal Society
Sasha Brown
Ethics and Society, DeepMind
Mike Butcher MBE
Editor-at-large, TechCrunch
Professor Dame Muffy Calder
Vice Principal and Head of College of Science & Engineering, University of Glasgow
Professor Rafa Calvo
Co-Director, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, Imperial College London
Professor Paolo Carozza
Professor of Law and Concurrent Professor of Political Science, University of Notre Dame
Trey Causey
Head of Responsible AI & Senior Director of Data Science, Indeed
Dr Seth Center
Deputy Envoy for Critical and Emerging Technology US Government
Alex Chalmers
Co-author ‘State of AI Report: 2023’, Air Street Capital
Sarah Chander
Senior Policy Advisor, European Digital Rights
Dr Runsen Chen
Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University
Peter Cihon
Senior Policy Manager, GitHub
Matt Clifford
Prime Minister's Representative for the AI Safety Summit
Rachel Coldicutt
Founder and Executive Director, Careful Trouble
Philip Colligan
CEO, Raspberry Pi
Paul Comerford
Principal Technology Adviser, Information Commissioner's Office
Dan Conway
CEO, Publishers Association
Di Cooke
International Security Program Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Lou Cordwell
Director, ID Manchester
Ruth Coustick-Deal
Communications and Marketing Manager, The Health Foundation
Camilla de Coverly Veale
Policy Director, Startup Coalition
Kenneth Cukier
Deputy Executive Editor, The Economist
Sue Daley
Director, Technology and Innovation, TechUK
Chanell Daniels
Responsible AI Manager, Digital Catapult
Harry Rhys Davies
Chief of Staff, Greyparrot
Evan Davis
Journalist and presenter, BBC
Professor Munmun De Choudhury
Associate Professor, School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology
Francesco Del Duchetto
Lecturer in Robotics and Autonomous Systems, University of Lincoln
James Diggans, Ph.D.
Distinguished Scientist, Bioinformatics and Biosecurity, Twist Bioscience
Dr Alexi Drew
Technical Policy Advisor, International Committee of the Red Cross
Catherine Dunkerley
Director of Data Trust, PwC UK
Ray Eitel-Porter
Lead for Responsible AI, Accenture
Emma Erskine-Fox
Managing Associate, TLT LLP
Elo Esalomi
Year 13 Student, Non-Trivial Fellow
Carlos Espinal
Managing Partner, Seedcamp
Lawrence Essex
Sci-fi Author, Screenwriter, Film Director
Professor Aldo Faisal
Professor of AI & Neuroscience, Imperial College London
Marina Favaro
Senior Policy Analyst, Anthropic
Tom Fletcher
Principal, Hertford College
Martha Lane Fox
Chancellor, Open University
Guy Gadney
Co-founder and CEO, Charisma AI
Dr Andrew Garrett
President, Royal Statistical Society
Dr Saira Ghafur
Lead for Digital Health, Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London
Sorcha Gilroy
Head of Delivery Strategy, Peak
Sarah Gold
Founder, Projects by IF
Martin Goodson
Chief Executive, Evolution AI
Mick Grierson
Professor and Research Leader, Creative Computing Institute
Conor Griffin
AI Policy Researcher, Google DeepMind
Justin Hackney
Creative Director / Filmmaker / Creative AI Community Founder
Antoinette Hage
Chairman, PETs expert forum
Joyce Hakmeh
Deputy Director of the International Security Programme, Chatham House
Julian Hale
UX Consultant, Creative CX
Dame Wendy Hall
Regius Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton
Dom Hallas
Executive Director, Startup Coalition
Hollie Hamblett
Policy Specialist, Consumers International
Samuel Hanes
Director of Performance, Faculty
Marc Hanheide
Professor of Intelligent Robotics & Interactive Systems, University of Lincoln
Stephanie Hare
Researcher, broadcaster, and author of Technology is Not Neutral
Tracy Harwood
Professor of Digital Culture, De Montfort University
Julie Hawker, MBE
Joint Chief Executive, Cosmic
Will Hayter
Senior Director of DMU, CMA
Melissa Heikkilä
Senior Reporter for AI, MIT Technology Review
Gideon Henderson
Chief Scientific Adviser, Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Daniel Herman
CEO, Bio-Synergy
Jean Innes
CEO, The Alan Turing Institute
Yuko Itatsu
Director of the B’AI Global Forum, University of Tokyo
Prof. Chris Johnson
Pro Vice Chancellor for Engineering and Physical Sciences, Queen’s University, Belfast
Yr Athro Matt Jones
Director, Morgan Advanced Studies Institute, University of Swansea
Anna Jones
Chair of Investment Committee, Mercuri
Sami Kaski
Professor of AI, The University of Manchester and the University of Helsinki
Caspar Kennerdale
Managing Director, ClearCommunityWeb CIC
Naureen Khan
School of Tech Lead, Accenture
Peter Kyle
Shadow Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology
Yolanda Lannquist
Director, Global AI Governance
Mark Levene
Principal Scientist, Department of Data Science, National Physical Laboratory
Prof. Dame Ottoline Leyser
Chief Executive of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)
Caitlin Loftus
Data Science Project Manager, DataKind UK
Dr Coral Manton
Founder, Women Reclaiming AI
Professor Helen Margetts OBE FBA
Professor of Society and the Internet, University of Oxford

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