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As the pace of AI development accelerates, the promise and challenges of this technological revolution have sparked an explosion of interest in AI across a range of communities, seeking answers to questions about its implications for society-at-large.

Through a series of events in London, and throughout the UK, the AI Fringe hopes to capture the energy of this interest to help chart a path towards a more collaborative, safe, and inclusive AI ecosystem. This event is independent and will offer participants – whether they are part of civil society, developers in industry, academics, or curious members of the public – the opportunity to exchange perspectives on topics that will add to those covered at the Government AI Safety Summit. Through a series of keynotes, fireside chats, panel discussions, workshops and roundtables, the AI Fringe will examine the potential and challenges of specific uses of AI, to the themes cutting across uses that will impact society more broadly.

The AI Fringe is a forum for all – including those underrepresented in the AI ecosystem. We not only want to create space for all communities to come together, but demonstrate that diversity in the AI ecosystem will be one of its strengths going forward.

We look forward to welcoming you to the AI Fringe. Our aim is to open the conversation about AI, and we encourage other groups and individuals to organise AI discussions within your own communities. One way we're encouraging conversation is through the People's Panel on AI.

The People’s Panel on AI

The People’s Panel on AI will bring together 12 representative members of the public randomly selected by the Sortition Foundation to attend, observe and discuss key Fringe events. Through a deliberative process facilitated by Hopkins Van Mil, they will produce a public report giving their verdict on AI and their recommendations to government, industry, civil society and academia for further action. The People’s Panel on AI is being organised by Connected by Data with support from the Mozilla Foundation, the Accelerate Programme for Scientific Discovery, the Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science, and the Public, and the Ada Lovelace Institute.

tea with AI

AI is developing quickly, and everyone is talking about it. We're inviting you to hold your own informal 'Tea With AI' during the AI Fringe week, and hold a conversation with friends, family or colleagues about what AI means in your life.

Tea with AI is jointly organised by Working for an MP, the website for anyone working for a UK Member of Parliament or an interest in Parliament, and Responsible AI UK, looking at how to shape the development of AI to benefit people, communities and society.

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